Beyond scissors: Creative uses for pinking shears in felt flower making
Scissors are a must-have for any felt flower project, but if you’re looking to get even more creative, pinking shears can be a great addition for creating unique and beautiful textured felt flowers
A guide to choosing felt for making felt flowers

With so many different types of felt available, you may be wondering what is right for you. Here’s my quick guide to what’s available and my tips on choosing felt for your handmade flowers. 

5 spring felt flowers to make today
Making your own felt flowers is the perfect way to add spring colour and cheer to your home, before the real blooms arrive. Wondering where to start? Here are my top 5 felt flowers to make this spring.
3 Essential Tools for Mastering Felt Flowers

New to felt flower making or looking to improve your finished makes? Read my round-up of my favourite tools to get you started in creating beautiful blooms.