Felt ball colour guide

With a huge range of wool-blend felt and felt balls now available in my shop, I've created this handy guide for colour-matching in your flower projects.

Below, you'll find each felt colour in my shop, alongside the best-matched felt ball colour. Please note that colours are not always an exact match, but the best/closest match I have been able to find in the colours that I stock. Where different tones can be picked out, I have included both colours in the chart below. Felt and felt ball colour tones can vary by batch.

Felt sheet colour

Felt ball colour 

Apricot Blush Light Peach Pink
Beach Sand Champagne


Blush Pink

Light Peach Pink

Bright Orange

Bright Orange

Bright Red Red
Buttercream Champagne
Charcoal Charcoal
Chocolate Brown Dark Brown
Copper Burnt Orange (or Chestnut Red for a deeper tone)
Coral Coral
Cotton Candy Strawberry Pink
Duck Egg Deep Mint
Dusky Green Pistachio Green (or Dark Olive Green for a deeper tone)
Dusky Rose Victorian Rose
Enchanted Forest Pistachio Green
Evergreen Dark Green
Forest Mist Mint Blue
Forest Pine Sea Green
Fuchsia Fuchsia Pink or Garden Rose Pink
Garnet Garnet
Gold Orange
Grape Jelly Purple
Grass Green Dark Olive Green
Heathered Brown Dark Brown
Heathered Green Dark Olive Green
Hint of Apricot Champagne
Honey Mustard Dark Goldenrod
Hydrangea Aubergine
Ice Blue Light Turquoise
Lavender Lavender
Light Pink Light Strawberry Pink
Lilac Lavender
Lime Lime Green
Mellow Yellow Mustard Yellow
Midnight Blue Navy Blue
Mint Aquamarine
Moss Green Dark Olive Green
Mulberry Amethyst (for a pink tone) or Aubergine (for a deeper purple tone)
Mustard Seed Orange (brighter match) or Persian Orange (cooler match)
Ocean Kelp Sea Green
Old Gold Dark Goldenrod
Orange Orange
Pale Lilac Light Thistle Purple
Pale Peach Light Peach Pink
Pastel Blue Light Blue
Pastel Green Mint Blue
Pastel Pink Light Strawberry Pink
Pea Soup Lime Green
Peach Light Peach Pink
Periwinkle French Blue
Pink Dark Pink
Pistachio Light Green
Pixie Pink Tulip Pink
Pumpkin Persian Orange
Pure White White
Purple Sage Iris Purple
Red Red
Rich Purple Plum
Royal Blue Royal Blue
Ruby Pink Victorian Rose
Safari Brown Light Brown
Serene Green Aquamarine
Silver Silver Grey
Sky Blue Dress Blue
Spearmint Bright Green
Straw Cream
Strawberry Red Red (for a redder tone) or Coral (for a pinker tone)
Sunset Grey Light Silver
Sunshine Yellow Mustard Yellow
Tree Green Dark Green
Tropical Blue Teal Blue
Vanilla Latte Light Latte Brown
Victorian Rose Wine Red
Violet Blue Smoke Blue
White White
Wisteria Thistle Purple