Get ready to Makealong!

The Handmade Florist felt flower Makealong ** MAKEALONG SHOP NOW OPEN **
My felt flower Makealong is back for 2023! Join me to learn how to make felt flowers in my FREE monthly series. This is the fun and easy way to learn felt flower making from the comfort of your home.
What is it?
My Makealong is broken down into single projects each month which, when combined together at the end of the series, will make a beautiful felt flower display. My 2022 makes included bouquets and wreaths in seasonal colour palettes to suit every taste. The templates and video tutorials are sent to you by email each month, so you never miss a make. 
The Handmade Florist felt flower Makealong spring summer 2022
Above: Spring '22 Wreath & Summer '22 Bouquet
When does it start?
The spring/summer series launches in January, with the first project of the series released at the end of February. The series will run until the end of June. The autumn/winter series will run July to November. 
What will I make?
In each of the 2023 series, you can choose to create a bouquet or alternative display with the flowers you make. The flower designs will be the same whichever make you choose. As always, I'll be keeping the final displays a secret so you won't know what you're making until each project arrives.
What do I need to take part?
A full list of tools and materials required for the spring/summer series, along with suggested colour palettes, can be found in my Makealong Series Guide - or watch my quick video below. Supplies packs containing felt, felt balls, wire etc. are available in my Makealong shop, but you can also choose to use your own materials. You will need scissors and a glue gun – plus a few other essential tools – to take part. You will need access to a printer to print the templates for each project.
How do I join in?
Each project will be released in my main email newsletter at the end of each month - if you don't already receive my emails, simply click here to join my mailing list. My emails also bring you news, updates, special offers and new product releases throughout the year. 
The Handmade Florist felt flower Makealong autumn winter 2022
Above: Autumn '22 Bouquet & Winter '22 Wreath