The Makealong returns in 2022!

Yes, you heard correctly, the Makealong is coming back!

I had so much fun creating my 2021 Makealong - something that started out as a seed of an idea to bring some creativity and fun to the year. And seeing all the shared makes from those taking part reminded me of what being creative means to so many people. So, let's do it again in 2022!

After gathering together all the feedback and survey responses from the Makealong in 2021, I've made some small changes to how the project will run in 2022. I'll be putting together a Q&A in early January with all the details, but here is a sneak preview:

  • There will be TWO separate Makealongs in 2022 (yes, really!). The spring/summer Makealong will run February to June and the autumn/winter Makealong will run July to November - there will be no August break this time. 
  • There will be multiple colour palette options for each Makealong, so you can choose the one that suits you (or make in your own palette again if you prefer).
  • You can choose to create a wreath or bouquet in each Makealong. The flower designs for each will be exactly the same, but they'll suit either option.
  • Tutorials and templates will continue to be sent out by email each month, along with my usual news, updates and special offers. I'll again be providing short video tutorials for each part too.
  • I will again be stocking felt and other supplies for the Makealongs on my website. Details of materials for the first Makealong will be released at the end of January to my email subscribers.

I will be releasing more details soon and everything you need to know, gather and prepare for the projects will be sent out in my first email of 2022, later in January. If you're not already subscribed, simply fill out the form below to join me. Don't forget to then confirm your subscription by clicking on the link in the email you receive.

I hope to see you there!