Makealong 2022: Q&A

The Handmade Florist Makealong 2022

What is the Makealong?
My Makealong is a fun and easy way to learn felt flower making from the comfort of your home. It is broken down into single projects each month which, combined together at the end of the series, will make a beautiful felt flower bouquet or wreath.

How long does it last?
This year, I will be running two separate five-month Makealongs, rather than a year-long series. The first Makealong (spring/summer) ran from February to June and the second (autumn/winter) will run July to November.

What will I make?
In each of the 2022 series, you can choose to create a wreath or bouquet with the flowers you make. The flower designs will be the same whether you choose a wreath or bouquet. Just like last year, I'll be keeping the final displays a secret so you won't know what you're making until each project arrives.

How do I join in?
Each project will be released in my main email newsletter at the end of each month - if you don't already receive my emails, you can complete the form at the bottom of this page to sign up. The first project in the Autumn/Winter series will be sent to subscribers at the end of July. The final make of the series will be in November. My emails also bring you news, updates, special offers and new product releases throughout the year. The Makealong projects will also be available to download from my website 2-3 weeks after each email release.

Does it cost anything to take part?
The tutorials, templates and video guides are provided free. The only costs are for your own tools and materials (see below).

Do I have to have taken part in the spring/summer series to join in with autumn/winter?
No! They're entirely separate creations, so it won't make a difference to the autumn/winter series if you haven't taken part in the spring/summer Makealong.

What do I need to take part?
You can find a full list of tools and materials for the autumn/winter series in my Makealong Guide, when it is released. Required materials include: felt, florist wire and felt balls (and a wreath hoop for the wreath version). You will need scissors and a glue gun – plus a few other essential tools – to take part. You will need access to a printer to print the templates for each project.

Where can I buy the materials?
The materials required are widely available online, and I am also selling felt packs, felt balls, wire, wreath hoops and tape in my Makealong Shop, along with complete supplies bundles, so you can be sure you get exactly what you need. 

Can I choose my own colours for the flowers?
Of course! This year, I'm offering two different colour palettes for each Makealong. If you want to make the flowers in your own colours, that's fine too. 

Do I have to make all the flowers?
No. Make one or two, or make them all... it's entirely up to you. Each flower will be a gorgeous creation in its own right, so you could even make a whole bouquet of just one project. They will also be great additions to any other felt flower projects you make, so you can come back to them in future. 

I haven't made felt flowers before, can I still join in?
Absolutely! Each project will come with full step by step instructions to help you and a video to guide you through making your flowers too. The Makealong is a great place to begin if you're new to felt flower making.

Do I have to complete the previous month’s project before I can begin the next?
The flowers can be made in any order so you’re free to make them whenever you can. If you miss or want to skip a month, it won’t affect the following month’s project at all. 

How many of each flower will I need to make?
That’s entirely up to you. I’ll give recommendations for how many of each flower might work well in the finished display, but you can make as few or as many as you want.

Will all the projects be new designs?
There will be a mixture of exclusive designs as well as reimagined designs from my new and existing tutorials.

Will there be video tutorials available again this year?
Yes. Along with the main PDF tutorial for each project, there will be a link to a short video to guide you through making each design.

Will there be a way to see what other people following the Makealongs have made?
I would LOVE to see your creations from the Makealongs, so I’ll be encouraging everyone to share theirs over on Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #HandmadeFloristMAL (why not have a look there now to see some of the creations from previous series?). There’s absolutely no obligation to take part in this way but, if you do, please take time to like others’ makes and share positive comments too.

Sounds great! Where can I sign up to the email newsletter?
Simply fill out the form below to sign up to my email newsletter and receive each Makealong project as soon as it is released. I hope to see you there!

I'm already signed up your emails, do I need to fill in the form again?
If you're already signed up, there's nothing else you need to do!