Get ready for my Winter Making Series

Winter Making Series The Handmade Florist

Around this time of year, I would usually release a Christmas-themed kit or two (or three, in the case of my Woodland Wonders Collection last year!). But this year, I've decided to try something new. Get ready for my Winter Making Series! What is it and how does it work? I've put together this Q&A with everything you need to know, before pre-orders launch on Friday 1st October at 7pm BST.

What is the Winter Making Series?

Imagine one of my craft kits meeting my Makealong, and you have yourself my Winter Making Series - the ultimate in cosy winter crafting. With a box full of crafting materials to dip into throughout the winter months, and tutorials accessed online, I will guide you through making three different winter-themed floral projects. And you will have enough materials to not only make a set of beautiful creations for yourself, but some extras to give as gifts too. I'm also hoping to set up a private Facebook group to join, if you want to, where you can share your makes and ask questions.

How is it different from a kit?

There are a few main differences. Firstly, whereas my kits are usually focused on making one final display or arrangement, you will be able to make different, multiple projects with my Winter Making Series, using the same set of felt colours. And unlike my craft kits, where each flower is usually made in a specific colour, you will be able to pick and mix from the felt provided in the Winter Making Series box to create each project in your own colour combinations.

The other big difference is that instructions will be accessed digitally using the link provided in the box (but don't worry, printed templates will be provided) - by reducing my printing costs, I'm able to fill the box with even more goodies for your winter making projects. There will be some special extras in there too, including felt scraps to practice on and a selection of exclusive winter-themed crafting treats.

Will there be videos for the Series?

Yes! Videos will be released throughout November and part of December, so we can feel like we are making along together, albeit from a distance! Videos will be pre-recorded so you can watch at your own pace and come back to them if you need to. Details of how to access the videos will be included in your box.

Will I be able to just purchase the pattern?

Yes. I know that, for those who aren't in the UK, delivery costs can work out quite high. To make sure you don't miss out, the digital tutorial for all three projects will be available via my Etsy store in late October (exact date TBC). If you purchase the digital tutorial, you will be able to access the videos and join the Facebook group too.

Will I be able to purchase the projects individually as separate kits?

For now, I won't be offering the projects individually as the focus will be on using similar materials to make different projects. This also means I can offer better value on the boxes. If you prefer individual kits, why not take a look at my Woodland Wonders Collection for some more winter-themed crafting inspiration?

Are the projects all Christmas-themed?

No. I've chosen a warm palette of reds and greens for the series, but the projects are focused on making beautiful items that can be displayed in your home throughout the winter months, not just for Christmas. There is one project that is more Christmas focused, but even this could be displayed beyond the festive season if you want to.

When can we see what projects we'll be making?

Keep an eye on my Facebook and Instagram over the next week, as I will be releasing details of each project before the Series launches on 1st October.

Does this mean you are no longer making kits?

NO! Kits are, and always will be (I hope!), the heart of what I do, and 2022 will bring even more creative projects for us to get stuck into. I hope that the Winter Making Series will be the perfect accompaniment to my kits and a great way to ensure you have plenty of creative projects for the winter months.

When can I order?

Pre-orders will open on my website at 7pm BST on Friday 1st October. Boxes will be posted from 18th October. There will be a limited number of boxes available for this first series, so make sure you set a reminder! If you are in the EU and hoping to purchase a box, please get in touch for details of delivery options.