Makealong 2021: supplies bundle

Makealong 2021: supplies bundle

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Save on the price of individual supplies for my 2021 Makealong email project series with this discounted bundle. Contains enough felt to make the total number of flowers I will suggest for your bouquet, but individual sheets are available separately if you want to make more of a particular flower. You will receive:

  • 8 sheets of wool-blend felt approx. 30x21cm each (one of each colour used)
  • 14 felt balls (2cm, 1.5cm, 1cm in a mixture of colours - exact shades may vary depending on availability)
  • 30 x 19 gauge florist wires
  • A roll of green florist tape

Felt colours included:

  • Grandma's Garnet**
  • Ruby Red Slippers**
  • Butternut Squash**
  • Ocean Kelp**
  • Old Gold*
  • Serene Green**
  • Outdoor Retreat**
  • Babbling Brook**

* 20% wool / 80% rayon
** 35% wool / 65% rayon

Felt balls are 100% wool and handmade in Nepal.

Warning: choking hazard (felt balls). Keep out of reach of babies and small children.

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