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Six projects with felt scraps #FeltScrapsFriday

DIY felt scraps project box

Six projects with felt scraps  - The Handmade Florist

It may be Black Friday today, but there has been a whole heap of colourful creativity happening in my craft studio this week. In case you missed my announcement earlier in the week, felt scraps project boxes have now landed in my shop! A whole box of crafty felt goodness at your fingertips... but where to start? I put myself to the challenge and below are my six picks for some simple felt scraps craft projects to get you going. You're welcome! Don't forget to share your felt scraps makes with me on Facebook and Instagram and use the hashtag #FeltScrapsFriday so I can see what you've been making! Each week I'll be sharing my favourites on my Instagram stories. 

Felt scraps project boxes - The Handmade Florist

1. Gift topper

Felt gift topper - The Handmade FloristI have long been a convert to wrapping gifts in brown paper, but I love to add a pop of colour with some handmade decorations. I'm also a big fan of non-traditional Christmas colours, so this super simple felt mini wreath gift topper ticks all the boxes for me. Even better, your recipient can detach the topper to use again, or even hang on their Christmas tree or wall... it's like a little gift in itself.

To make your gift topper you'll need some wire (I used a single 30cm stem of 20 gauge florist wire); florist tape; scissors; felt scraps; glue gun and a piece of string or ribbon for hanging your gift topper. If you have any pretty ribbon you can also add this at the end, although I think it's equally gorgeous without.

Felt gift topper step by step - The Handmade Florist

Start by shaping your wire into a rough circle and bending around the ends to secure the shape. Now wrap the circle with florist tape to hold the shape and cover up any sharp ends. Smooth out the circle with your hands. Select a few colours from your felt scraps; I chose yellow, mint and pink as I love the way these colours pop together.

Use your scissors to cut out some mini leaf shapes (or why not try other shapes?). I didn't use a template for these and simply cut the first leaf freestyle, then I used this as the template for the others. The leaves I cut measured around 2cm in length. Attach the leaves to the wire base with glue, overlapping each as you go. Finish with a piece of string or ribbon so you can attach your gift topper to your chosen gift. If you like, add a piece of pretty ribbon across the middle.

If you want to use this as a gift tag instead, cut a piece of card the same shape as the circle and write a message in the middle, before sticking to the back of the wreath.

Felt gift topper - The Handmade Florist

2. Bunting

Felt bunting - The Handmade Florist

I first made this felt circle bunting when I was clearing out my felt scraps hoard a few years ago. It hung across the ceiling of my craft room for years, adding a welcome burst of colour every time I entered the room.

You'll need a sewing machine for this one (sorry!), but just a simple running stitch will do and there's actually something really satisfying about feeding the felt circles through and seeing the bunting take shape so quickly. You can cut the circles by hand (or again, why not try other shapes?), but you will find it easier  and quicker if you have a die cutter. Try mixing it up with different shapes, sizes and - of course - you can go all out rainbow with this one. The more colour, the better in my opinion! Add ribbon at either end to help hang the bunting, or simply leave some extra thread at each end.

 Felt circle bunting

 3. Planner clips

Felt heart planner clips - The Handmade Florist

Who doesn't love stationery?! These planner clips are really quick to make and all you need are some jumbo paper clips, scissors and glue. I chose hearts for mine and again I cut these freestyle by hand, using the first as the template for the others. Cut two identical shapes for each clip, gluing the paper clip in between. These would make a perfect stocking filler for the stationery addict in your life (and if that person is you, there is no shame in wrapping up a little present for yourself to open on Christmas Day!).

Felt heart planner clips - The Handmade Florist

4. Note cards

Handmade felt embellished notecards - The Handmade FloristHave you ever been caught out remembering a friend's birthday, or you've wanted to send a little note to someone to tell them you're thinking of them? Handmade cards carry so much sentiment in themselves and the only limit with these ones is your imagination. Cut out and layer up different shapes from your felt, stick to a piece of folded card and then add a handwritten message. I guarantee the recipient will love receiving theirs!

5. Table flowers

Felt table flowers - The Handmade Florist

Of course, no blog post of mine would be complete without one mention of flowers! If you have a favourite flower to make from my DIY tutorials, why not delve into your felt scraps stash and make a whole bunch of them to pop into a bottle for your desk or table? There are no rules with colours or style and a bottle of these is sure to instantly brighten a dull winter's day (we seem to be having a lot of those lately!).

6. Leaf wreath

Felt scraps leaf wreath - The Handmade Florist

This one will take a little longer than the other projects, but a felt scraps leaf wreath is surprisingly easy to make and you'll be surprised by just how far those scraps go. I went full out on colour with this one and absolutely love the result.

Felt leaf wreath step by step - The Handmade Florist

To make your felt scraps leaf wreath you'll need a wreath hoop (I used a 20cm wooden hoop); scissors; felt scraps and a glue gun. I used the larger leaf template from my Woodland Wonders Wreath tutorial for this one, but as with all these projects there are no rules and you can try any shape or leaf you like.

After cutting out all the leaf shapes, I added a dot of glue to the base of each one and squeezed the sides together to give the leaves a three-dimensional effect. Add a little glue to the back of each leaf and attach to the top and sides of your hoop, overlapping as you go, with each leaf a little further down than the last. Finish with a piece of ribbon or string, hang on your wall and stand back and admire your beautiful work!

 Felt scraps leaf wreath - The Handmade Florist

So, that's it. I loved diving into my felt scraps for these projects and I'm already dreaming up part two of this blog series! I would love to see what you make with your felt scraps... be sure to tag me (@thehandmadeflorist) in your makes on Instagram and Facebook, and use the hashtag #FeltScrapsFriday - each week I'll be picking my favourites and sharing them to my Instagram stories.

If you've been inspired by these makes, you can purchase your felt scraps project box here.

Six projects with felt scraps - The Handmade Florist

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