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Free video tutorial: felt flower wreath

The end of another school year is creeping up on us fast! Fortunately the little person in my life is staying ahead of the game and she asked me last week to make some flowers for her teacher as a gift. 

As I’ve become a little obsessed with wreath designing since releasing my Blushing Anemone Wreath tutorial and kit, I thought I’d have a go at another. I’m releasing this one as a free video tutorial!

Disclaimer: this video uses die cuts! Let’s get real for a moment. I never use die cuts in the patterns and kits that I sell because I want to make them accessible for as many people as possible. However, it’s no secret that I own a Big Shot and use it for personal projects. So what you’re seeing here is a bit of a mash up between the two. Please forgive me if you thought this was a 100% die cutting free zone! If you don’t own a die cutter or the dies I use here, don’t worry. They’re pretty simple shapes that could still be done freehand if you’re willing to give it a go and a bit of time.

Here’s what you’ll need if you want to have a go at this project:

  • Wreath hoop (20cm) - you can find these in my Supplies Store
  • Paint (optional), I used a light yellow shade from a tester pot
  • Felt in as many colours as you want. I used 9 different flower colours and 3 green base/leaf colours
  • 1cm felt balls, I used a mix of yellow and orange shades
  • Scalloped circle die (9cm) - mine is a thin ‘nestable’ one that I bought as part of a pack of mixed sizes
  • Sizzix ‘Sweet Spring’ die 
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun and sticks
  • Ribbon for hanging the wreath
  • Ribbon/message for embellishment (optional), as this is a gift I attached a piece of ‘thank you’ ribbon that I picked up in a haberdashery 

I’d love to see your makes with this one - tag me on Instagram or Facebook @thehandmadeflorist or use the hashtag #thehandmadefloristmakes

Happy crafting!


Don’t have time to make an end of term teacher gift? Why not check out my ready-to-buy Teacher Thank You Pots instead? 

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  • The Handmade Florist on

    Thank you Cindy! Would love to know if you give it a go :)

  • The Handmade Florist on

    Hi Elaine, thank you – I’m so glad the video was helpful! I’m going to be doing a blog post soon on scissors but my main tips are to use a nice sharp pair and to keep them just for your felt (no cutting paper with them!) – I highly recommend Xcut, they make lots of different scissors but their small serrated ones are great for intricate cutting.

  • Elaine on

    Do you sell the felt balls in your shop?9

  • Cindy Edwards/ UrbanFlamingoCo on

    Very cute and a great video ….. I might have to try this flower 💙💚💜💛❤️

  • Elaine Layfield on

    Thankyou so much for this video. I live in the USA but I was born in Hull Yorkshire. You video was so helpful. Would like to know more about your kits and fast kind of scissors is best for cutting?

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