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Dahlias in Bloom Spring Bouquet

Dahlias in Bloom Spring Bouquet - The Handmade Florist

All this cold winter weather has me longing for warmer days, filled with the colours and sounds of spring. Until that time comes (and let's face it, it's still only January), I've taken matters into my own hands by introducing some spring colour of my own into the craft room.

With my Dahlias in Bloom Wreath tutorial in hand, I took a head-first dive into my freshest and brightest felt offcuts and scraps to make this bouquet variation of the wreath. And I LOVE the result.

Dahlias in Bloom Spring Bouquet

I honestly think these Dahlias would lend themselves to any colour palette you choose, but for this one I've chosen soft pink, coral and lilac with a pop of bright gold and mint (I'm borrowing heavily here from my Blushing Anemone Wreath palette). In case you want to try it yourself, here are the colours and flowers you'll need:

  • Two Dahlias in light pink and coral felt (switching the main colour for each)
  • Two Dahlia Blooms, one each in light pink and coral felt
  • Four Dahlia Buds in gold felt
  • Three Muscari in lilac felt
  • Two Rolled Leaves in mint felt
  • Three leaf stems, two in light green and one in a medium shade of green felt

Don't forget that you'll need to create each flower on a wire stem base, which I always wrap in florist tape for a more natural look (watch my video on wrapping florist wire here). I cut the stems fairly short to display in this gorgeous powder grey tin jug. 

This display is bringing so much colour and happiness to our living room right now. And I'm a big believer in crafting for the soul, so I think even the act of creating this display did wonders for my winter blues.

I'd love to know what you think - what are your favourite springtime colours? Are you desperate for the change of seasons too?

Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting!

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